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Loot Pirates is a pirate-themed party game where players aim guns at each other in order to divvy up the booty.

After failing our KickStarter, Loot Pirates is currently lost at sea.

3-8 Players Ages 14+

GamePlay Video:

These are pre-production components and subject to change of comparable or greater quality:

Loot Pirates Components:
Loot Pirates!
Base Game for 5 Players:
Five Players

Metal Cups:
Wooden Guns:

Metal Coins:
Quality Bag of Loot:
Coin Bag

Acrylic Gems:
Metal Cord Stoppers:
Cord Stoppers

Custom Game Bag:
Game Bag
Fabric CloseUp:
Skull and Fabric

Ships Crew 2 Player Expansion:
Ships Crew Expansion
Eight Player Option:
Eight Players

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